Beautiful life of love and love of wines

Zakeya Sams founded the company based upon the belief that by consistently providing knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and professional tours and travel services, She has contribute greatly to the legacy she is establishing. It was upon these principles that Zakeya Sams formed Cascade Views Tasting Tours LLC in 2016. Since the formation of the company, this industrious businesswoman has worked hard to create the best experience for her clientele while fully optimizing her business model.

Presently, Cascade Views Tasting Tours LLC  is the only recreational agency in Georgia that specializes in camping trips that includes wine-tasting on the trips. Aside from tour packages, the company also has its first six person pop-up camper for rent with great trimmings like drop off and full setup. Zakeya Sams is a perfect example, not only of the economic and financial potential that black-owned businesses possess but what they contribute to the entire continuity of the American economy.